Non-traditional Approaches: Spreading Brand Awareness

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What are the top three approaches to spread information via nontraditional methods? Outwardly spreading of the word of a product/service is a must. One must be very proactive in their approach. 

It is wise to always search for ways to get your product/service/brand in the news. Newspapers will most likely cover stories in their publication that are linked to what people are talking about today, linked to a hot topic which is current and may be controversial to some, linked to have a great visual impact on the audience, linked to be very informative and dramatic stories, linked to be unexpected or outrageous stories somehow, a story that adds to publication’s readership (indirectly increase their sales), has “human interest” in it making it very special, a story linked to a topic that entertains a publication’s readership, linked to a local story and angle, linked to a special festival occasion, holiday or celebration, and finally, linked to a significant milestone or major honor.

One can also develop strong relationships with writers and editors of publications that would be read by your potential clients or customer/consumer of your product/s/service/s. One can explore free online newsletters that are a highly effective form of marketing.  The advantage of newsletters is they help promote your brand freshly. They are a constant reminder to the client. They help establish your brand’s expertise and credibility help your brand’s identity and give promise, help build emotional connection and loyalty. Newsletters are inexpensive to create and publish.  Low cost will allow you to market your products and service to unlimited cliental. A tip is to use fresh, useful content in your issues.  Newsletter to channel prospective customers to your web site or specific offers.

A final nontraditional form of spreading awareness is the use of membership organizations which can create customer loyalty and increased sales.  Examples include Harley-Davidson’s Harley Owner’s Group (HOG), Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club and Pond’s Institute.  Other forms are customer advisory boards, expert councils, product launch parties, customer seminars and other forums.  One can even use frequency programs that begin to feel like membership programs to customers if they contain relationship-building elements.